Primary Care

Services Offered

We are excited to offer comprehensive health care to the community for:

PEDIATRIC (age 12 and older)


Primary Care Medicine
Acute Injury Treatment
Chronic Illness Management
Colds / Flu
Small Wound / Laceration Repair
Sexual Dysfunction Management
Migraines Management
Skin Biopsies and Mole Removal
STD Treatment
Hormone Therapy
Women’s Health – yearly exam, pap smear, mammogram, birth control, etc.
Men’s Health
Preventative Health Screening
LGBTQI Healthcare
Much more…

We are LGBTQI friendly and an inclusive medical practice. We hope and strive to make all our patients comfortable and honor your personal decisions about your health. Our goal is to educate you and offer you many tools to help improve your health and allow you to make informed decisions regarding your body.

If there are other services you feel would be beneficial to your success, please let us know and we will do our best to provide those to you.